Abalone Shell Nightlight

$ 22.50

Abalone Shell Nightlight.  

Glowing beautifully at night to add a little light to any room. Every shell will be slightly different due to nature. We will send you an Abalone Shell Nightlight that will be just as nice as the one pictured, but may not be the one pictured.  The Small Red Abalone shell has been polished.  It is considered a small red Abalone, but the color varies on every shell.  The Green Abalone has some Browns and reds and may have a clear coating on the shell.

Measurements: approx. 4.5”-5.5" x 2”-3" Lace White is approx 4.5” x 2.25”

Because of the natural of shells, no two nightlight is the same, but we will send you a nightlight that is just as beautiful as the ones in the picture.

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