Collecting Amazing Seashells May 20, 2015 12:35

     Angel Wing Shells are absolutely amazing in person!  I think this is one of the most elegant shells there is.  
The ridges and ornate lines that are a natural part of this shell are visually very impressive with texture.
Angel Wing is a common name, but this is not a common seashell.
Angel Wing shells are also known as Campeche Angel Wings, also a common name.  
The scientific name is Pholas campechiensis and was originally found in 1791.  
This shell's range is from the United States to Texas and then down to Brazil.  
I have actually found parts of these shells here in Ventura on the beach.  
Most people would probably walk right by the broken pieces on the beach,
but naturally from learning about seashells for the last 30-40 years
I see the story of how those small pieces were once a whole beautiful and amazing Angel Wing shell.
Angel Wing Seashells remind me of my Angel in Heaven, my Grandmother, who first introduced me to Seashells as a little girl.