Jingle Shell Coral Rose

$ 60.00

Jingle Shell Coral Rose

A beautiful seashell Flower Handmade here at Sea Things in Ventura, CA

Each Seashell Flower is Unique by Nature, and all are made by hand using tiny shimmery Jingle Shells, beautiful white Lace or Bird’s Nest Corals and a natural driftwood stem. Perfect for weddings and Anniversaries!

Flower and color and shape may vary due to natural material.

Approximate Size: 

Small: 4” x 4” Bloom (with coral), 8”-9” total length (with driftwood stem)

Medium: 5” x 5” Bloom (with coral), 10” -11” total length (with driftwood stem)

Large: 6” x 6” Bloom (with coral), 12”-13” total length (with driftwood stem)


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