Shell Turtle Magnet Crafting Box

$ 10.50

 Shell Turtle  Magnet Crafting Box

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This "make it yourself" project creates a single sea turtle magnet using sliced shells of various shapes. Yours will be hand made by you, and though it may not look exactly like the one in the picture (due to the coloration of shells, as well as the slicing of the shells), it will have a similar design. It will take approx. 10-20 minutes to create.

The turtle magnet is perfect as a gift or your own keepsake.

Each turtle will be a different size depending on the placement of the shells, but will be approx. 2" - 3" inches.

What the kit will include:

1 cowrie shell (for the head)

1 blue/green limpet (the "shell")

4 sliced shell pieces (for the fins)

1 small round magnet

Does not include:

glue/hot glue stick/hot glue gun

Recommended, but not necessary:

hot glue mat (a rubber pot holder is a good replacement for this)

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