Shell Cross Ornament Craft Box

$ 15.00 $ 25.00

Seashell Cross Ornament Craft Box

Shell Art Party Classes Available Via Zoom or FaceTime- get your Friend’s together and make it an online party. Schedule your today 805-648-1954.

Do it yourself Kit to make a Seashell Coral Cross ornament that is double sided. Beautiful natural Seashells, coral and Sea Cookies are included.  Yours will be Handmade by you and will vary but can be similar to those pictured.

A Shell Cross is a perfect gift to remember the reason for the Season, Easter Christmas or any time of year.

They are between 4-6" inches long when finished.

Included with your box:

2 Sea Cookies (aka Sand Dollars)

2 small pieces of coral (type varies)

3 pearls

10 small white scallop style shells

10 MOP/Abalone chips

10 pearly snail style shells

2 sticks (one longer & one shorter)

About 3/4 to a cup of assorted shells

and one piece of silver or gold color string.

A 30-40 minute Group Video Zoom Session with Sherilene for instructional time.  Must have 6 or more friends to buy box for group instruction. 

Not Included:

Glue (Hot glue or Tacky Glue)

Recommended but not necessary:

Glue mat

Hot Glue Gun


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