Seashell Coin Purse

$ 12.00

Seashell Coin Purse

Beautiful Natural Seashell are bonded to form a useful compartment for keepsakes. Each real shell are naturally colorful with unique natural patterns or have man made stylish designs. Each purse is double-sided, bonded in a gold metal hinged frame with a wire pinch clasp. Choose from a wide array of shells and colors. Colors may vary slightly from photos. Each purse is sold in singles.

Approximate Sizes:  Small size range is 1.5” -2” Medium size is 2”- 2.75” Large size range  is  3”-4”
(shell type determines the price points)

Some shells are more sturdy than others.  The natural shells tend to be more sturdy.

   The shells that are polished or Pearlized have a layer of the natural shell that is taken off to make them so pretty.  This also makes them delicate.  These are less functional and meant to sit and look pretty. 

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