Seashell Nativity Magnet Crafting Box

$ 13.50

Nativity Magnet Crafting Box

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This "make it yourself" kit is to create your own Seashell Nativity Magnet. It's a perfect little project to do while quarantined, and is great for anyone who loves nativity scenes or magnets. Will take about 5-15 minutes to make.

Each shell will vary in color slightly, due to the nature of shells, but will have the same basic design.

They are approx. 2" x 2" inches

Included in your box:

2 Cowrie shells (one large for Mary; one small for Jesus)

3 Unbonium  shells(2 large and 1 small; for their heads)

1 Mitra shell (orange & white; for Joseph)

1 buttercup shell (background)

1 blue/green limpet shell (Jesus' bed)

1 tiny starfish

1 small round magnet (to glue on the back)

Does not include:

hot glue gun/hot glue sticks

Recommended, but not necessary:

hot glue mat (a rubber pot holder makes a good replacement for this)

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