Seahorse Gold Necklace

$ 75.00

Seahorse Gold Necklace

This Seahorse Necklace is handmade here at Sea Things with 18k gold Electroplate over Sterling Silver Pendant and clasp. This Seahorse Necklace has a Matte Gold look.  The Seahorse has a brass sea green metal bead.

More Sealife Necklaces available in this listing: All are Handmade with Matte Gold Charm pendants accompanied with a Matte gold mermaid clasps and a gold plated chain. Beads are either glass, metal, or crystal. 

Every necklace is unique in its own way, but they all grasp the essence of the sea.


Color: Matte gold

Measurements: Chain with pendant :

     Shell & Seahorse: 17" Long 

     Small Mermaid: 16 1/2"

     Anchor: 17 1/2"

     Sand Dollar: 15 1/2"

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