Mermaid Tears Necklace

$ 60.00

Mermaid Tears Necklace

These Mermaid Tears all all wrapped up and cared for by a Mermaid.  The best part of being a Mermaid is even your tears are Beautiful.  Handmade Macrame Seaglass Necklaces are all Handmade and Unique Incredible Things!

Handmade Pendants by the Mermaids here at Sea Things with the Love of the Sea.  Along with a Woven Nylon 18" Necklace by Betty Belts on 3 of the necklaces with clasp Sterling Silver 

4th choice:  The Dark Green Necklace (also looks Bright Kelly Green in the Sun- shown in Window picture) is handmade entirely by the Sea Thing's Mermaids with a woven cord that has tiny crystal beads woven in too and a recycled glass bead clasp.

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