Sea Things Body Mist

$ 19.50

Sea Things Body Mist

Made here in Southern California, USA. Our luxurious Sea Things bath & body line is Earth friendly , paraben free, and crulty free. With our unique custom Pineapple Coconut sent.

BODY MIST – Most traditional Body Mists are made with the two WORST things for your skin (1) Alcohol and (2) Water. Both are severely drying to the skin. However, our unique Body Mists are made without oil, alcohol or water. The spray is designed to soften and scent your skin. You can spray it on and rub it in. There’s no oily residue! It’s soft and it lightly scents your skin while also moisturizing it. The mist can be sprayed directly onto your hair as a shine enhancer /de-tanlger as well.

Comes in 2 Sizes:

Travel Size Plastic Small 3floz 

and Glass Large 4floz


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