Sand Dollar Angel Craft Box

$ 18.00

Sand Dollar Angel Ornament Craft Box

This "make it yourself" craft box creates a single sand dollar angel ornament. It's a perfect kit to do to celebrate Christmas, and will typically take about 20 minutes.

Do to the nature of shells, each angel will look different with its coloration, but all will have the same basic design.

Approx. Measurements: 3.5"-4" long x 2.5"-3" wide (hangs approx. 5"-5.5" long)


1 "Cat's Eye" shell (head/face)

1 Calico pecten shell (skirt)

1 pair of Telina shells (wings)

2 drilled dentalium shells (arms)

1 string (for it to hang)

1 small white clam shell (to cover where you glued the string loop)

1 sand dollar


Does not include:

hot glue gun/hot glue sticks


Recommended, but not necessary

hot glue mat (a rubber pot holder is a good replacement for this)


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