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Raku Pottery Medallions

$ 7.50

Raku Pottery Medallions

Each handcrafted piece of Raku Art is fired in an outdoor kiln and left to smolder in a pit with wood shavings. Not every piece survives their trial by fire, but the ones that do, cultivate strength & beauty. Made by hand with love by Raku Pottery Works.

Each Medallion has an inspirational declaration on the flip side: Choose the one that speaks to you..

Mermaid "I LIVE FREE"      


Seahorse "I AM JOYFUL"      

Orca "I AM INTUITIVE"                Wave “I AM STRONG”

Dolphin "I AM PLAYFUL"             Manta Ray "I AM RESILIENT"

Sea Turtle "I AM SERENE"          Whale "I AM PEACEFUL"

Starfish "I AM PATIENT"              Lighthouse “ I STAND TALL”

 Baby Turtles “I AM SERENE”      Sun “I SHINE BRIGHT”

Sail Boat “SET SAIL”                    Butterfly “I AM RENEWED”

Dragonfly “I AM JOYFUL”           White Crab: “I LOVE CHALLENGES”


Single Green Turtle: “I AM SERENE”

Baby Green Turtles: “I AM SERENE”

Pottery Colors will vary due to glazes and the firing process. Each piece of art is truly one of a kind!

Size: Approximately 1.75” - 2”

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