Rainbow Butterfly Shell Angel

$ 22.50

Rainbow Butterfly Shell Angel

This Seashell Angel is a Natural beauty with her Rainbow Tellin Wings holding a seashell butterfly.  Handmade here at Sea Things in Ventura, CA. This small Angel is all Natural in color.  

Colors vary: some have yellow skirts, some have orange, and some have a pink or rose color to them.  All have a natural yellow halo and pink face.  Butterfly colors will vary to.

She is really very pretty and creative.

The Glittered Angel will still be holding a butterfly.

Every Angel is handmade with the Love of the Sea here in Ventura California at our Magical and Enchanting Mermaid's Lair.

A Lovely addition to your Holiday Christmas Traditions.

The shells on this Angel all have different colors, but will look just as good as this one or better!

Size:  2 1/2"-4"

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