Pineapple Locket

$ 125.00

Pineapple Locket

Open your heart and share a personalized message with your loved one. Our sleek and modern Keynote Locket Collection discreetly holds powerful hidden messages, reminders that positive thoughts are the keys to a positive life.
The signature mermaid key that comes with every Keynote Locket Necklace releases the golden note, so you can easily change messages for new moments and memories.

This locket holds a Round Magnetic Charm that says “You are Mermazing”

  • jewelry is plated with precious metals and therefore requires proper care. It is not designed to wear around-the-clock. Please give it a break from time to time. Remove your jewelry when washing hands, swimming, exercising or bathing and before you apply personal body products like make up, lotion or perfume.
  • Plating can react by darkening when over exposed to air and light. Store in a fabric pouch or closed box away from sun or heat. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom where steam and moisture may affect it.

    Gold & Silver Plating
    jewelry has a protective lacquer finish that helps keep tarnishing at bay. Use a soft dry cloth or slightly dampened cloth with water only to clean it. Dry immediately. Do not rub too briskly or you could damage the lacquer and cause tarnishing to occur. Never use any chemicals or soaps.

    Rhodium Plating
    Clean with warm water and a mild liquid soap. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

    Do not use harsh jewelry chemical cleaners or treated polishing cloths.

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