Custom Sea Glass Earrings

$ 21.00

Custom Sea Glass Earrings

Seaglass Earrings are so fun to wear all Year Long!  These Earrings are custom made just for you!  A perfect gift now and she will have fun Wearing the Earrings All Year Long. Materials vary on each pair we make. You will receive something similar to what is pictured, but may not be exact.

   The earring are assembled here in our Retail Store Sea Things in Ventura California.

Each pair will vary slightly- I pictured a pair that are "Amber." Please send an inquiry if you really want one exactly as pictured and we will try to accommodate with a custom listing.
    Each pair will have a least one recycled  Seaglass bead that are originally made in Africa.  These fun African beads are made using crushed glass cola bottles that have been used and discarded. The crushed glass is then heated, and poured into clay molds. A cassava leaf stem is placed in each mold to make the hole. The beads are baked in an oven allowing the glass to fully fuse, and the cassava stem to burn away. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries.

Each size bead (small, medium, or large) has a range of color options and are available in sterling or mixed metal ear wires. Just chose the color bead, size,metal ear wire material option desired. Keep in mind that the price will change depending on the metal material and the size of the beads desired.

We have been selling Sea Things in Ventura, Ca since the early 1980's. We also sell the supplies to make your own!

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