Colorful Seashell Manger Ornament

$ 25.00

Colorful Seashell Manger Ornament

This Enchanting Seashell Christmas Nativity Ornament is sure to be a favorite. 

This Nativity ornament's unique design was created here at Sea Things. The tiny Clamshells, Mitra shells, and Cowrie shells make up an Angel, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. The North Star is a baby Starfish. Grassy Moss is the hay and there are tiny pearl beads as the heads and tiny white Clamshells represent the glow around them.  There is also a small ribbon glued to the top for hanging. Perfect Decoration to get out every year.

We can make anything out of seashells- custom orders are welcome.  Please call our store Sea Things in Ventura CA for more information- or email us.  
Sea Things has been making beautiful creations from Seashells for over 20 years.
We are open 7 days a week downtown Ventura

 Size is approximately 2"x 3" to 3" x 3.5"

Size is based on materials used. Any custom alterations may change the price point depending on materials used.

There may be color variations in your ornament that are different than the ornament featured in the picture. This is because of the natural coloration in the shell, but for this particular ornament, we use the most colorful shells we have available.

Ornament might look slightly different than in the pictures (depending on the supplies we have with our moss and the nature of shells), and colors on the backs of shells will vary, but all will have the same basic design.

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