Seashell Ballerina Christmas Ornament

$ 25.00

Nutcracker Sweet Ballerina

These Handmade qSeashell Ornaments are so fun Dancing. Each Ballerina has a Large Scalloped Seashell or a large flat Scallop Seashell for her skirt. Arms are Dentalium (a kind of worm Shell), Her face is an operculum or a white moon snail. The Ballerina's
Skirt Size is approximate 3"-4" wide x 4"-5" tall for the Large Ballerina and the small Angel is about 2.5x3". Overall size varies by the way she is Dancing. Each Angel is handmade here at my store Sea Things in Ventura. Each one may have slight color and size diffences, but very similar. Custom price may vary.

Any color can by done for her ribbons, please select custom if you don't see the color you would like and then send us a message or call.  Not all choices are pictured.

Our Retail store Sea Things is open 7 days a week 805-648-1954.


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