Midnight Moonlight Sunlight Pearl Bracelet

$ 60.00

Midnight Moonlight Sunlight Pearl Bracelet

The Midnight, Moonlight or Sunlight Leather Pearl Bracelet is so fun to wear.  Each bracelet is adjustable with a slip knot on the leather.  Each Bracelet comes with 7 knotted Pearls.

Size is Approximately 6"-8" or We can make custom size Too! 

This listing is for your choice of leather color and your choice of Pearl Bead color. 

Pearl Colors: Midnight = Peacock ( A dark blue pearl)

                      Moonlight= White Pearl

                      Sunlight= Pink Pearl

*Please select Leather Color: Light Tan, Caramel, and Dark Brown.

*Please select Pearl Bead color: White, Pink, and Peacock 

Most color choices will be made to order unless you see a picture listed.  Please allow a few days for the Mermaids here at Sea Things to be Creative and make your Bracelet.


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