Three Wise Men Shell Ornament

$ 19.50

Three Wisemen Shell Ornament

This Seashell Three Wisemen Manger Scene Christmas Nativity Ornament is sure to be a favorite.

This handmade Nativity Manger Scene Ornament was made here at Sea Things in Ventura, CA.
This unique design was created here at Sea Things. The tiny Starfish and Shells make up the North Star, The Three Wisemen, Angel and Baby Jesus. Moss is the hay and there are tiny seashells as the heads. There is also a small ribbon glued to the top for hanging. Each Manger we make is slightly different, but will look very similar to the one pictured. Perfect Decoration to get out every year.

We can make anything out of seashells- custom orders are welcome. Please call our store Sea Things in Ventura CA for more information- or email us.
Sea Things has been making beautiful creations from Seashells for over 20 years.
We are open 7 days a week downtown Ventura

Size is approximately 2" x 2"

We have several variations and of course due to the nature of shells being natural each one we make will have slight differences in color and size. Please see choices in other listings and the pictures for Manger Scene Ornaments and variations such as small size shell, medium and large size of shell. also there is a choice of with or without the angel, the glitter or a choice of more starfish in Other Listings.


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