Mermaid Passion Seaglass Necklace

$ 250.00

Mermaid Passion Seaglass Necklace 

These beautiful hand made necklaces, unique in style, have colorful glass, crystal, stone beads and/or pearls beads and feature real and rare ocean tumbled seaglass that are set in sterling silver and  shimmer and illuminate in the light. Perfect gift for your passion!


Pink Passion: approx 30” Necklace, Sterling Silver beaded Chain that features glass and freshwater pink pearls with a beaded cord, and a 0.75” Sterling Silver encased Pink Sea Glass Pendant.

Ruby Love: approx 21” Sterling Silver Beaded Chain that features glass, and stone, and crystal beads with Sterling Silver Heart Toggle clasp, and a 0.75” Sterling Silver encased dark Fuschia Sea Glass Pendant.

Charmed: approx 19” Sterling Silver beaded chain that features glass, labradorite, and turquoise beads, other stones, and ceramic beads with a 0.75” Sterling Silver encased lime green pendant and and a tiny Sterling mermaid tail Charm and hook clasp.

Handmade with love at Sea Things in Ventura California.

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