Angel Wing Pair

$ 14.50

 Beautiful Paired White Angel Wing Seashell. All natural color, has been cleaned. Angel wing shells are truly an amazing product of Mother Nature. God created the amazing seashell- all Natural. These shells can be used for Wedding Decoration, Art- making an angel, or the perfect complement to your rare seashell collection. We have a few sizes, please see the picture with the measuring tape to decide what size pair you will receive-all sizes are Approximate Sizes: Under 5" tall, 5" tall  6" tall or 7" tall. The lines on the shells are called growth marks and are a natural part of the shell. Please take a close look at the pictures, but each pair will be slightly different due to nature. All imperfections are just part of nature. I have included pictures from several different pairs, the pair you will receive will be just as nice.

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