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Tree Topper Shell Star

$ 110.00

Tree Topper Shell Star

Have a seaside holiday! These hand made Christmas Tree Toppers are made of white sea stars, sliced white spindle shells, and sea urchin spines, and are  jeweled  with pieces of abalone, pearls, and tiny sea snail and cone shells; or white baby clam shells and pieces of natural driftwood.  Each one we make is totally unique. The base is a flexible spiral wire that can wrap on the tip top of your tree.

All shells will vary.

Large Size is Made Large by the size of Starfish or Shells - every tree top is handmade and differs slightly.

Blue Star Variant has coral on the Large size only.  All Blue Star Tree Tops do not have the small sliced shells, we are substituting a small cream colored shell (like in the last picture).

***All Blue Starfish vary in shades of blue. 

Some back sides are shown in pictures- all will vary and will not be as fancy as the front. 


Small 6- under 7"

Medium 7- under 8"

Large 8-9.5"

Please email us at if you would like yours different- we are taking limited Special orders at this time.



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