Add A Pearl Mermaid Necklace

$ 110.00

Add A Pearl Mermaid Necklace

This Add a Pearl Necklace is beautifully handcrafted here

at Sea Things, Ventura CA by a Mermaid.

Genuine Pearls are on a sterling chain with a Pewter Mermaid Clasp.

This Necklace is made with any amount of pearls for you to grown on. 

If you want 1 pearl for every year we can do it!

This picture shows an 18 1/2" Add a Pearl Necklace with 11 Pearls.

We can make your necklace to any length and any amount of pearls. 

Please email for a price quote for the exact Pearl Necklace you desire. 

The Individual Pearl Price is to add a Pearl to a Necklace Previously Bought at Sea Things

or you can just order one Pearl to add to your own Necklace.

Natural Cream Pearl Color or Bluish Grey Available.

Pearls Available to buy with big holes $12 each separately




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