Pink Conch Shell

$ 35.00

Pink Conch Shell

Hear the call of the ocean! Put your ear up to the Conch shell's mouth and let it sing you the song of the ocean's serenity.

Conch shells have many uses besides being a natural piece of ocean art. They are used as instruments, planters, door stops and center pieces. They are good luck in some cultures and they give a room a calming beauty with thier soft colors and sculptural shape.

Each Shell's color brightness differs slightly. You have a choice of Sunset Pink: shell'pink coloring resembles the dark pink of a Sunset sky, and Sun Bleach Pink resembles a sunbathing conch that has lightened over time from the sun's rays.

Sunset Pink: Shell's pink coloring is deeper in color, (hot or bright pink) and is spread over the base and lip of the opening of the shell.

Sun Bleach Pink: Shell's pink coloring is a soft pink and is concentrated on the inner part of the shell, and the lip and body is mostly a light pinkish tan.

All Conch are nicknamed “Rollers”  they tumble onto beaches and naturally have some rough edges that sometimes look chipped but this is natural to these shells.

Shell Sizes:

Mini: 3.5"X 4.5"         XSmall: 4.5"X 5"    Small: 6"X 6.5"

Medium: 7"X 7.5"      Large: 7"X 8.5"      XLarge: 9"X 10"

XXLarge: Over 10”

Special XLarge: over 10" and uncut spindle and natural lip.

Each measurement is an approximate range. Shells may differ slightly under or over specified size parameter. Example: Large 8.5" can be up to almost 9” inches in length. 

All Medium, Large & XLarge Conch have cut holes or slits in back of each shell that shows the shell was used for the meat.  Many people use Conch shells for food. (Excluding the one Rare "Special XLg Conch”- it does not have a slit)