Mermaid Shell Jewelry Dish

$ 95.00

Mermaid Shell Jewelry Dish

White Regal beautiful handmade Jewelry Dish has a large Natural China Clam shell as its dish, a Mermaid statue perched against white Lace, and Brown Stem coral, with a floating glass marble.  Its base is sprinkled with tiny polished Trochus and Umbonium shells, and has a Mother of Pearl Snail shell, with a jewel set in the center of it. The mermaid is wearing a jewel flower necklace, and a three jewel tiara.

       The Regal White Mermaid Shell Dish is designed to hang earrings upon the mermaid's arm, rings upon her tail, and place bracelets within the clamshell.  She is also piece of art, so she can just add a little more enchantment to your home decor!

Colorful Splash Mermaid Dish is a colorful resin Mermaid perched on a blue splash wave with pink sea foam set in a bright pink and white polished Spondylus Clamshell with Brown Stem Coral at its base. Lightly sprinkled with glitter, this enchanting Mermaid shimmers as she holds a pink Calico Scallop Shell for additional jewelry storage. This handmade Colorful Splash Mermaid Jewelry Dish is delightfully dainty, yet functional making it a beautiful way to hold your jewels! 

The Colorful Splash Mermaid Dish is designed to hold earrings on the mermaid’s arm, studs on the small shell, rings on its coral and bracelets in its large Clamshell base. 


Hand made at Sea Things in Ventura, California.


Regal White H 6.5 x L 5.5 x W 5.5 

Colorful Splash L 4” x W 4” x H 5”


When we are out of stock please email to let us know you are interested and we will make a new Mermaid Dish soon!

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