Mermaid Skeleton Ornament

$ 40.00

Mermaid Skeleton Ornament 

For the Halloween fan who also loves Mermaid’s, this unique ornament combines those two themes in a delightful and spooky way!
These Mermaid ornaments are made with real shells, sliced and perfectly whimsically define the skeletal structure of this enchanted creature.

(Shell  types, shapes, color, and sizes may vary, making this ornament truly unique to your individual mermaid.)

Handmade shell ornament are always designed and crafted by local Southern California artists using real seashells!

Measurements: ( approximate size range)

Large: 6” - under 7” in length, and approximately 2” - 3” width

Medium: 5” - under 6” in length, 1.5” - 2” width

Small: 3” - 3.5” in length, 1” - 1.25” width

XL: 2”-3” wide x 7.25” - 8” length


Each mermaid ornament will vary depending on the sliced shells that we have.

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