Memories Mug in a Box

$ 18.00

Mary Engelbreit Vacation Memories Mug

These adorable decorative mugs come with their own decorative boxes with a memorable saying or phrase. Choose from four unique styles:

"This is the Life" (The Life) which features an inner tube floating woman with a wild ocean hat.

"It is the sweet, simple things of LIFE which are the REAL ones after all" (Sweet, Simple) which features a child spilling a bucket of seashells out on the seashore.

"SEA SHELLS, SEA SHELLS, SING ME A SONG" (Seashell, Seashell) which features a little mermaid child underwater holding a conch shell.

"SHE SELLS SEASHELLS down by the SEASHORE" (By the Seashore) which features two children listening to the call of the ocean through a conch shell.

Measurements: 4" X 5.5" 1.14oz Ceramic Mug

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

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