CA Seaglass Anklet

$ 15.00

CA Seaglass Anklet 

These simple yet gorgeous anklets are perfect for anyone who loves seaglass. Each piece of seaglass was beachcombed from the beautiful Southern California shoreline. Seaglass pieces are carefully selected drilled and strung with knotted rope and fastened with a metal clasp.

Seaglass anklets are hand made by a local artist.

Choose from 4 unique seaglass colors: Ice, Green, Brown, and SeaGreen.

Each colorful piece of seaglass is surrounded by two pieces of White seaglass on either side.

When choosing your color option, keep in mind that the color titles reflect the colorful center seaglass piece, and the Anklet Cord Color. Example: Green/ Brown

(Seaglass piece colors may vary in brightness and tone slightly. No two pieces are alike.)


Approximate anklet size range is 8 1/2" long to 9 1/2" long (including clasp) 


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